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Publish on is the voice of the dis-empowered. 
If you are an individual or a member of an organization working to give voice to the marginalized, exploited, and abused by State or Corporate entities, can help amplify that voice. Sign up for a Publisher Account and publish your reports, documents, and articles on

To publish with, you must be:

- An individual committed to human rights norms and values, or
- A representative of an organization working on human rights, civil rights, and related matters.

Once you register as a Publisher, your application will be reviewed by an editor and, if approved, you will be contacted with further instructions.

Please provide the information headlined below, and send it back to us using the Contact Form at the footer of the website; you may want to copy-and-paste the prompts into the email form and then fill out your answers.
Email address:
Full name:
Organization (Name, Website):
Short Bio:
How often Do you publish:
Please provide links to access your  samples:



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